Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, it took 191 days but we got it done! They finished up on Tuesday, November 25th, we moved in the day before Thanksgiving and had the closing on Tuesday, December 2nd. It has been a long process with way too many decisions to make...but it was well worth it.

It's nice to be able to put up the dishes without tripping over the open dishwasher door, or take a shower without worrying about leaving enough hot water for the next person, or walk into the garage to get a tool intead of going outside to the storage shed. Not to mention that we now have DSL which wasn't available at our trailer! All the little things sure do make it nice. Michelle is also having lots of fun experimenting with her new oven and Josiah is really enjoying his new bed. He has slept on the top bunk, trundle bed, and a storage/cubby area that he calls his "Bat Cave". Anna is happy to actually have play area in her room and they are making good use of their new Play Room.

We are still in the process of hanging pictures and decorations, but other than that we are pretty well settled in. Michelle has worked very hard!


Kyle said...

Absolutely beautiful! We can't wait to come visit you.

Anonymous said...

Justin, Michelle, Josiah, & Little Anna, thank you so much for hosting Thanksgiving. The food was wonderful and the house is just beautiful. Josiah I love your little "Bat Cave" boy what your Daddy could have done with that. I've always said you could not apprreciate more until you have had less. Congratulations !!! Enjoy your Jubilee,MeMa

tweety said...

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